Monday, November 28, 2016

Another Hearthstone card and Star Wars demo...

Another new Hearthstone image for the "Mean Streets of Gadgetzan" expansion: "Bring in the Finishers"... some ninja Murlocs.

The above image is the final art, but initially we explored down a rabbit-hole the idea of a "Reservoir Murlocs" card.  It made sense that a group of 4 killers in a gang-themed expansion could reference the movie, but since they needed to be in suits to get the point across, it was too difficult to blend the Reservoir Dogs with the needed Asian faction designs of the new Gadgetzan set.  There were too many things going on that compromised the simplicity of meshing the movie reference into both murlocs and Gadgetzan style. It wouldn't be obvious that it was from the movie nor fulfill the card's function in the game design. Below is this concept fleshed out before it was abandoned for the straightforward ninjas above.

This past Saturday I did a live oil painting demo/auction for charity of a children's hospital.  Everyone loves Boba Fett, right?

12X16" oil on grey primed panel.

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