Sunday, March 15, 2015

Enduring Victory

Just recently revealed last week is the full set of images for the new Magic: The Gathering set: "Dragons of Tarkir".

My contribution was for a white card called "Enduring Victory".

The difficult aspect of this image was showing the dragon and hero in their respective scales to each other, while having each obvious enough to be seen at the tiny card-game image size.  I initially explored some thumbnail roughs to try and describe the action in a number of ways:

After settling on what I thought were the 3 best directions, I added some basic tonal values to them and tried to visualize what worked best at card size:

I chose this direction as it felt the most direct.  The "victory" aspect is the most obvious as well, with the battle being pretty much decided at this point, with a clear winner.  I also liked how the spikes on the dragon's head acted as nice pointing devices circling around the hero.

The final painting is 16X20", oils on panel.  Original currently not for sale.

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