Monday, January 12, 2015

Temur Sabretooth

Here is my latest oil painted Magic card art for the new set.  "Temur Sabretooth", 12X16" oil on panel.

As with all my work, the process is as follows:

Rub charcoal on the back of a printout/drawing and trace down to a panel.  Go over the lines with raw umber paint to make sure they don't get wiped off and can be seen thru the next stages.

Establish some basic color washes in acrylic so that my one-layer painting has solidity to the surface, with no white poking thru.  Also allows me to paint part-by-part, knowing that each area will fit into the whole color structure.

 Render the background somewhat to establish the area around the focal point.  Working back to front.

 Final photo of the artwork taken with proper camera setup and color adjusted to match the original.

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