Sunday, April 14, 2013


Found an old gif I made of the process of a daily painting still-life (from life)...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New art, blog design, store, facebook page...

Just released this week is the World of Warcraft card game "Caverns of Time Treasure Pack", featuring some art I made last summer. Here we have a thieving orc prying the weapon from an unsuspecting human. 

 I don't mind getting the humor cards, but often they fall into the "transparent glowing wolf wearing a sombrero" category, and are sometimes better off not being shown...

Also new is the design of this blog, and a shiny new facebook page for my illustration work, which I will be trying to direct folks to whom I am not actual, real-life "friends" with.  Hopefully this will make it easier for me to avoid spamming family and non-artists with useless self-promotional braggery. Please go and "like" that facebook link for future art-related news in your facebook feed.

One of the main reasons I finally decided to make the facebook art/fan page was because I was able to integrate my new store into it.  The store is also linked right on the facebook page through this icon:
Now that I am working in oils and have an increasing stock of originals to sell, this seemed like the right time.  Its also convention season, so hopefully I'm set if people want to know where to see more product.  I'll be populating the store as I photograph stuff and new images are released.

Re-designing the blog, creating the facebook page and adding a store was quite easy and I'm happy that the 3 distinct sites can be branded visually and linked to provide a seamless portal to information and product.