Monday, December 30, 2013

Dragon's Prophet

Well, its been awhile since I have updated this blog!  I have been working regularly, but the past year has been a bit strange in that most of the projects have been done to sit for a year till release, and all the stuff I did last year was released quickly, so I'm in a long period where nothing can be shown.  That will change soon, and we will get back to a more regular schedule of posts, so thanks for any patience.

A couple months ago I was contacted by the CEO of the Sony-published game, Dragon's Prophet to partner with them to design some dragons for their online RPG. Here's the first one...

They are making 3-d game versions of them and selling them thru their free-to-play RPG.  Its nice to be sought after and trusted to provide some visions for this product, and I hope its successful for them.

This is cool!  (Store page)

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