Monday, July 1, 2013

Trying some new THINGs out

So I've been using oils for my illustration work for about a year and a half now.  Its going fine, but each picture and the overall process is slightly risky trying new things on the fly.  Since I haven't been doing this too long I'm still experimenting with materials.  I have a pretty set process for my palette and medium, but have changed surfaces a few times, and I have an idea of some workflow aspects that can be improved.  Without getting into too much detail why or what, I basically just wanted to take a day and try some things out, and not change my process on an important client-work.

My underpaintings are usually the color of the scene, done in acrylic washes.  I wanted to try a warm oil underpainting. Also, I wanted to try a new medium, particularly one that contains Venice turpentine, a honey-viscous resin that adds thickness and enamel-properties to the mix.  The reason for this is that I am painting on a very smooth masonite board and am looking for a medium that sticks to it better.

My normal palette setup is informed by my academic training and is great for matching colors in front of you. For workflow of creative subjects, however I am feeling its not optimal. (I have had to un-learn as much atelier info as I have utilized, but that's another blog-post.  Basically you need to not be a robot with your process and supplement from best-practices of those making the work you aim to emulate)

Anyhow I have been wanting to try a pre-mixed palette for various reasons, so made these colors up for this quick test...

I think I still need to try these things in a more thorough manner... I'm not sure if the medium made any difference.  But I had fun... I also just wanted to try a minimally-planned comic themed image, as I have a feeling the future may contain pursuing that avenue.

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