Saturday, May 11, 2013

New podcast

After 5 months we finally have a new podcast up:

I'd personally rather listen to podcasts than make them, but I do feel enthusiastic once in awhile to make these and put some thoughts down for posterity.  I'm actually pretty proud of the job we have done on these podcasts; I think they are informative and interesting, but that could be just because we are talking about people and things that are familiar.  I really don't have a clue if others actually listen to these things; I don't host or have access to any stats.  Its hard to be motivated to do this free public-service-educational stuff without feedback or thanks, so if you've ever listened to them, pleas let me know if they are appreciated... otherwise we might not bother.

Anyhow this episode is on "advice for graduating students".  Its an attempt to provide a path for illustration students to travel upon graduation.  We try to bring some perspective from a standpoint of 20 years after graduation to students entering today's challenging professional environment.  Enjoy.


Alex Rooth said...
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Mário Fernandes said...

Hi, great podcast, lots of good insight