Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Atelier portrait painting workshop day 3

No update for day2... we went and saw Star Trek last night.  It was good, regardless of what Marty thinks.

Stage 2 of our workshop has the students moving into the painting stage once an accurate drawing is made.  First, a toned canvas is prepared with burnt umber and the drawing transferred by rubbing charcoal on the back of a copy and tracing down the outline.

Many of the drawings were first scanned so we could enlarge or shrink to an optimal size for painting.  This step also allows for a perfect centring and placement on the canvas.

Using lead white for a good foundation layer and for enhanced drying properties, the students then scumbled white over the face to start the modelling process.  This stage allows students to gently move into the painting stage and start to see how they will render within the linework.

The addition of some darker umber and a background tone starts to bring the face into relief.  This stage is an in-between stage to drawing and painting as students are still able to concentrate on drawing with paint before color problems are introduced.
(painting by Andrea Lane)

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Bev Bunker said...

Andrea is doing a fantastic job on her painting...nice one! I think I am getting the feel of this process now. Even though the concentration is high in the class, there seems to be an almost 'meditative' quality that I am noticing while painting. This is quite relaxing. Alertness to detail is still on 'high' and I have to remember that we have not even started in with the color yet.