Sunday, May 26, 2013

A successful workshop.

Well, the week is over and our workshop finished.  It went perfectly, and everyone had a great time.  The models were amazing and the vibe really relaxed.  I didn't take photos every day or document this religiously, but here are a few more shots of what we did...

After the drawings or underpaintings were finished, they were all scanned and I reduced them in the computer and printed everyone out a small cropped face for the next lesson.

These reduced drawings were then traced down onto small pieces of canvasboard.  This step had the students produce a small color study of the portrait to practice mixing and analysing the colors.

Marty did a quick demo of blocking in the main tones...

After the small study, it was back to the large canvases and onto the painting of the portrait in color.

Students generally proceeded from the top down, rendering away to a finish on each area.  There were numerous demos on hair, glazing, etc.

The week went by fast and it seemed like the right amount of time for the tasks covered.  Along with working, there was also a big 17-person Chinese food supper last night and many boxes of donughts consumed.  The group was a great mix of people and having 12 people in a garage didn't seem like too many.  Now to clean up my garage and get back to routine and "real" work.

This is the headstudy of Sara that I painted..

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