Saturday, November 26, 2011

New-ish WOW card

So I just realized this morning some Warcraft cards I made a few months ago had been released without me realizing it.  It's tough to keep up on when stuff hits the street.

One of the diffucilties in making Warcraft art is that the provided reference is in-game models, which are often times confusing to decipher from a screenshot.  Below I show trying to figure out what the texture is telling me the costume is supposed to be.  Usually the in-game assets are pretty good, and I have a great appreciation for the modelers and texturers at Blizzard making tiny game models make sense while being creative under technical constraints.

And below is the final card art... With a bit of experience you get good at assuming what the game artists intended, but it's sometimes difficult to know when to be literal and when to extrapolate.

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