Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Illuxcon 2011

Well, I'm finally home and mostly rested from this year's installment of Illuxcon.  Billed as a symposium of fantastic illustration, this event brings artists, collectors, students and fans together for an orgy of art awesomeness.  Since this was the third year in a row for me attending, I was prepared to get less from the experience and to just enjoy the art and socialization.  I'm happy to say there was actually no "dip" in the quality or amount of return I received from attending.  While the first couple years I was just breaking into this field, this year I benefited from an equal mix of inspiration, technical advice, new friendships and professional contacts.   I made sure to talk to the people whom I had questions for or wanted to connect with, and was active in searching out answers to a new set of career questions.

Below we see photos of the main hall; as you can see there are a few paintings being shown...

The presentation I was most looking forward to was a demonstration by Petar Meseldžija on oil painting with emotional content. I learned a few valuable tips that I'm itching to try out in my next oils.

Petar's table at Illuxcon... the painting in the top left was my favorite of the entire show.  The way he carves out form and balances the loose and tight is nothing short of masterful.

A few feet away Donato Giancola has his table.  How cool is that?!

I met a new friend and fellow Shadowcore member, Chris Rahn, who is tearing up the card art scene.  This photo shows me interviewing him for an upcoming Drawn Today podcast.  Stay tuned!

Finally, we have Chris Rahn, myself, Chris Burdett, Anna Cristenson and Tyler Jacobson showing our Shadowcore flyer.  I hadn't met a couple of these folks, but the rapport and friendship was instant.  Thus is the magic of Illuxcon.

The last day of Illuxcon saw a big and exciting presentation from Pat and Jeannie Wiltshire, the organizers of Illuxcon.  Starting in 2013, Illuxcon will be moving to the larger city of Allentown Pennsylvania, which is close to Philadelphia and only 1.5 hours to NYC.  In addition, Illuxcon will be now hosted by the Allentown Art Museum, an exciting change of venue which will allow for a wider public audience and acceptance.  Other initiatives aimed at supporting the show and genre are a new panel of judges that include both a museum curator and president, the editor of International Artist magazine and modern master Michael John Angel, founder of the Angel Academy in Florence (the system that I have personally received training in). 

 The convergence and acceptance of fantasy illustration into the wider fine art market in inevitable with today's new and younger art buyers being more savvy and otherwise weaned on the products, franchises and visuals we are crafting.  Illuxcon is at the forefront of this transition and I'm looking forward to attending and helping in future events.  

Now I gotta paint!

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