Friday, October 29, 2010

Illuxcon prep

Getting my ass in gear for Illuxcon now... man the time snuck up on me. I ran out of time to make any new originals, but I spent the past couple days ordering a set of 2-sided bookmarks for giving out/selling and promotion. Since I'm fairly new as a freelancer, it will take some time to research and collect promotional and sellable items using my art. I plan on eventually making t-shirts and prints, but in the short term hopefully this makes my showcase table at the convention not too bare. Since I have to take 4 planes to get to Altoona, Pennsylvannia, I'll likely just take a carry on and avoid luggage disconnect. This limits what I can bring, but with 7 2-sided bookmarks I will have 14 images floating and promoting me, which should be effective.

I like using online printing services. They are cheap and offer simple solutions and good variety of options. Since I live in the backyard of the oil industry, anyone with a grade 7 education makes 100k a year here, so I don't even bother looking into expensive local services.

Check out the newest Ninja mountain podcast for some chat on Illuxcon:

And another one that mentions me for 1 millisecond...

It's gonna rock!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday night headstudy

Lat night my portrait group got together again in my garage for another alla prima session. It's been about a month since we've done this, but it's good to get going again.

Last night, Laura was kind enough to sit for us. I put the lead white away and used titanium for this in anticipation that the opacity would lend itself more appropriately to clean, smooth female skin tones in one layer of paint. Laura is such a happy person, but you would never know it from this picture. I'll have to remember to request a slight smile when appropriate; the pain of holding one is probably worth it for posterity to remember you as a happy person rather than a tired one.

(I'm having trouble with the battery in my photo lights, so this is just a low-quality photo not using the proper equipment I detailed in an earlier post. The result is the canvas grain adds some grit to the image)