Monday, December 20, 2010


I've been very unproductive of late; travel, the holidays and visiting with family are taking up most of my time until the end of the year. I'm hoping 2011 will bring me time to get into a routine and be more consistent with making art and blogging it.

The past couple days I spent recording and editing the new "Drawn Today podcast". This was my first crack at this sort of thing, and my first try at using the editing software. While I don't quite have the "cool, laid-back audio personality" nailed down yet, the episode went fine, so have a listen!

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Alex Ashby said...

Was posted quite a few months ago so you prob don't quite remember what was talked about, but everything discussed was very relevant to me right now.

I don't really feel model time is worth it any more, all the hassle to get there and from, all the breaks, the cost. It's a fun social thing though.

However I think imaginative drawing and observation should both be exercised and applied to one another everyday. Both use different skills, ones more about shapes and ones more about construction.

But when both are applied to each other everyday I think that's when growth really happens.

Basically if you see a specific weakness or problem in your work, do a quick study that focuses on the issue and then try solving it in your work with what you learned.