Friday, September 17, 2010

Tuesday night's headstudy

Tuesday night we painted a girl with very red hair. Having just finished putting a coat of green paint on the wall behind, it turned out to be a lucky coincidence that the color went with the model. Her eyes were the same color as the wall.
My pal Scott, always the experimental one primed his canvas beforehand with the roller just used to paint the wall, giving him an instant and exact background to start with.


Nate Peyton said...

Nice man. The face is very soft. My favorite part is the nose. Does your group all use oils? Or is it whatever you brought in your back pocket?

Mike Sass said...

Yeah, we all use oils. One guy uses water-mixable oils. I've found older men are better to paint than younger women... which is sort of a shame... :) That soft rounded form in younger faces is boring to paint!

Nate Peyton said...

Haha I know what you mean. My roommates would always give me a weird look when I'd come home and say, "Man! I had a great time painting a naked old man!" Being CS majors, I don't think they'll ever understand :D.