Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last nights headstudy

I did another alla prima portrait last night with my weekly group. This week we had Scott's neighbour, John kind enough to sit for the price of a case of beer. Being retired, he was more than happy to add "art model" to his list of life experiences. He was still as a statue.

This photo is taken with my new lights but without the polarizing gels and filter. You can see the small specular highlights. One easy trick to minimize those is to use Photoshop's "despeckle" filter. It will slightly blur your image and isn't perfect, but it is a help nonetheless.

I picked up some flake (lead) white today. The added density of this white will help in the more sculptural brushstrokes used in single-layer work. Its one of the differences that you may notice in the surface quality of older paintings versus today's art which uses primarily titanium white. (which is brighter but less stiff)

Oh yeah, anyone in the Edmonton area interested in sitting, just contact me. We can pay $ or give beer.


Off the Coast of Utopia said...

These are coming out quite nice Mike. Still using the same palette?
Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas.

Mike Sass said...

yeah, using the limited palette of crimson, umber, black, yellow ochre pale and white. I add ultramarine for the background and to have a blue, but not really needed. Its a great palette, allowing me to concentrate on painting more and mixing less.

Yeah, looking foreward to you coming home. Maybe we can de each other's portrait.