Thursday, June 3, 2010

Off to IMC

Well, I'm off to the IMC a week early, giving me less time than everyone else to prepare. Going to see NYC first, so thats a good trade-off.

I made 2 concepts based on my 2 character designs. The first one I tried to fit most of the tall character in to get the feeling of height. The issue became clear that in the given horizontal format I need to use that the character becomes too small in the scene to see clearly at trading card size. I think I will make a vertical composition from this pose and do a second painting just for the practice, because I've already done the prep work, so I might as well.

The second concept, I zoomed in closer to the character. His broad shoulder elements work better in filling the horizontal space. Since I designed such detailed characters, seeing them closer helps cut down on the clutter and makes the character more intimate. I'm calling this tonal rough good enough for now, and I will wait for feedback at the class. One change I will make is to reposition the axe so that it comes forward more in perspective , thus crossing and obscuring the body less. I will also aim to have a simple shape arrangement on the left to delineate the background in the distance by the axe. I hope to do a color study in oils before I really get down to business.