Sunday, May 23, 2010

top 5 attributes to becoming good in the field of illustration

A pal of mine just asked me what the top 5 attributes to becoming good in the field of illustration are. Here is my opinion and answer...

  1. Consistency and perseverance: build yourself over time. Don't be worried about instant results. Experience trumps skill. Art is a lifelong journey.
  2. Hard working/ work intensity/ concentration: take tasks to completion and challenge yourself. Be professional and have high personal standards to work towards.
  3. Mindfulness/ thoughtfulness: work smart, consider the essence of each part of the approach and be focused. Always be cognitive and refine your understanding of your methods. Think your approach and theories through as if you are teaching them to others; this will help you organize and edit your thoughts.
  4. Experimentation and risk-taking: search out your best practices and dont keep doing the same things.
  5. Balance: consistency, intensity, thoughtfulness and experimentation require balance and rest to work efficiently and be called upon. The brain is a muscle that needs rest and variety. Art-making is more physical than people realize, and good health feeds good performance. Exercise and be vigorous in all aspects of life.

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Ryan Yee said...

Great post Mike. Thanks for sharing!