Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Illustration Mater Class planning

I'm now starting my preparation for the IMC assignment. (read my other post if you don't know what that is)
I've chosen to do a "Magic The Gathering" trading card image, which was one of the assignments. I figure since I'm already doing Warcraft card art, this will be a logical step (not too big) to move towards using oil paints for my practice instead of the computer. If I chose a book cover assignment, then there would be a distinct danger of not finishing such a complex scene, and thus not getting the "finishing" experience I need. The final image will only be 11x15", so that's not too scary.

The topic of the card image is a "Frost Titan"; basically a cool and badass looking giant with an axe of ice, representing the cold elements. Below are 2 concepts for him... I think getting a good character design is half the battle for this image, as it'll essentially just be him looking cool, with minimal other scene elements, as card art is usually somewhat simple and reduced to the size of trading cards.

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