Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New daily painting and workshop.

Attention burnt-out tech workers in Edmonton! Does your life's work in digital media fit on the head of a pin? Are you yearning to create artwork that can be given to your grandchildren and admired for the ages? Look no further, friend for opportunity is here!

On March 20-21st I will be holding my second "daily painting still-life" workshop at the Paint Spot in Edmonton.
We need 2 more bodies to sign up for this to go ahead, so if interested, I strongly recommend to call the Store and book it. I guarantee fun and learnin'... more than perhaps you can take. Some pics from the last workshop can be found on this blog post:

Anyhow, I haven't done any daily paintings in quite a few months. Here is one I just finished and took a bad photo of with my cheap point-and-shoot camera. I'm lying about the daily painting part for this one, as it took me 13 hours over a few evenings... but close enough!

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