Monday, January 4, 2010

More red-pencil attempts

I tried another red-pencil drawing just now on a darker paper with a bit more tooth. I'm liking this value of paper better as a mid-point for the red and white to both have enough contrast against. The white is a bit powerful on it, so I'll have to keep the marks delicate and minimal in the light areas. The paper is Canson mi-teints, a relatively crappy art/craft paper with a bit too much tooth, so I'll look for this tone of paper in a better quality line... hopefully stonehenge has an equivilent. Theres also a couple white highlights in white ink on the eyes, as this works great for a more opaque hit... but use sparingly!

And the old paper/pencil combo... better for details, but I need a darker paper. It might be neat to try a tinted watercolor wash over the surface first for the added darks I'm looking for.

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