Friday, December 18, 2009

red pencil drawings and new scanner

I've always liked the look of "old master" drawings of red chalk on toned paper highlighted with white. I've never been satisfied with any of the combinations of materials I've tried up to this point to achieve this look... the pencils broke too easily, the paper was too fragile or bumpy, etc.

One tiny trend I spotted at Illuxcon was an increasing use of this look for preliminaries; giving development drawings a more fine-art aesthetic and thus chance for further sales.
In a conversation with one artist, he told me the materails he used so I went out and bought them and they are the closest thing yet to being practical for my use: the pencils sharpen and erase easily, and the white is opaque enough for the needed contrast. I would still like to look around more, as I think the paper could be darker and the red pencil darker as well.

"old master" drawing materials suitable for detailed fantasy art development work:
  • Col-erase Tuscan red pencil
  • Generals white charcoal pencil
  • kneaded eraser

  • Stonehenge "fawn" toned paper

I just scanned these recent test drawings of my parents in with my new el-cheapo scanner:

After a bit of research I found this large-format 11x17" scanner can be had for as little as $150; the ususal price for this type of equipment is $600-$1000. It has some dubious reviews but I'm taking my chances.

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