Monday, November 23, 2009

Self promotion: Donato style

An artist friend of mine was interested in hearing more about aspects of Donato Giancola's self promotional strategies as presented at Illuxcon.

The main point I gathered from his talk was the discipline and foresight to separate himself from the pack by being generous and consistent in his self-promotion. If Donato spreads his work out broadly, getting it into people's hands and homes, his work and name is constantly on people's minds. He is very generous about giving away prints and selling portfolios of his work at cost. All these efforts will likely serve to elevate his status and prices and pay dividends in the future.

Below Donato shows a massive, futuristic carrying case for his portfolio, handmade out of metal industrial parts.

The green folder is a portfolio of prints by Donato. Note the cool foil stamp. The white booklet is his yearly catalogue of recent works. He produces one a year for the purpose of making an expected and anticipated collectable. The black booklet is by Volkan Baga; a German artist who studied under him and adheres to Donato's methods.
Interior of Volkan's book and Donato's portfolio, showing his contact info printed on the back of each print.
Another small tool I use is a rubber studio stamp, designed around the common 19th century format. Anyone can fake a signature, so this stamp is a tool that authenticates work.

Donato's attitude is just to get the work into as many hands as possible. He practically gives his older drawings away, and maximizes the stages of his production, from sketches to prints for the purpose of spreading his name. His belief that original art is immortal and is the ultimate manefestation of artistic production drives this discipline.

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