Monday, August 10, 2009

sunflowers part 2

Continuing on with this today, I am seeing that the flowers are moving and perhaps even wilting a bit. I will need to focus on them and leave the static objects in the next few sessions so that I can capture them before they change significantly. This underscores my point from yesterday to not be too firm with the first couple of sessions for this type of subject, and save your accuracy for tones and values in a broader sense, with room for refinement of shape.

Another point about the composition: I have more or less centered the subject, with much space above and below. This is purposeful and not bad composition, as I am giving myself space to add more leaves later and then crop the image down for the optimal composition at the end. Its easy to unstretch the canvas (linen in this case) and re-stretch onto new stretcher bars to correct placement and framing.

For this session, I am focusing on further refining of the drawing and proportions and establishing a ballpark tone for the major areas. I am ignoring the pot handles until I am more sure of the pot's shape and symmetry.

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