Sunday, August 9, 2009

Painting steps demo

I started this painting today, and I thought I would blog the process...

One of my students was interested in how I can get realism without tracing or using mechanical cheats especially for the drawing.

The following steps show how the subject is plotted down somewhat loosely, but with enough accuracy to use as a starting point. I made sure to make a couple big measurement checks initially in the fist step before moving forward and freely sketching in the details. I anticipate the flowers may move or open up a bit more so I'm not going to waste time with more precision than this. Also, I intend to add more large leaves, but will do that later on so that they don't wilt; being cut and placed for shape in the arrangement, and not in water. I'll likely have more leaves on the table around the base of the bowl, but again it's better to do that later and also to get the elipse right underneath. By being this accurate, but no moreso in the drawing I can "push and pull" as I refine the painting by leaving me with enough lattitide for changes.

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