Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New materials

Just got home from a vacation and got my big-ass roll of Oil-primed Belgian linen in the mail. This is the stuff many pros seem to use for smooth, detailed and archival oil painting. Seems real nice and evenly-smooth, so no more bumpies in people's faces or in still lives destroying the illusion. I feel like a better painter already.

Also, Just got a package of oil-primed linen mounted on birch panels. Unbeliveably nice stuff. They have the Claessens 13 on panels as well as another that is actually smoother. Can't wait!

Tomorrow finish this sunflowers piece, (which is more of a learning/experience thing) and then some fun stuff coming up that you'll have to wait for in the realm of fantasy illustration.

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Vermeer said...

Thank-you very much for your comments on how you photographed you paintings! Look forward to seeing your work in "real time"