Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I am finding the flowers are moving for sure. The far right one is even closed now that it's facing away from the light. I'll ignore that one until I finish the other two, and then try and give it some light to make it open. (sheesh!)
Anyhow, at this point I'll just work fast and not too preciously to get some details in before these things die on me. I also re-establish the purple fabric layer to make that area opaque and closer to final value/color. I am resigned that this wont be a "perfect" academic object study, as there are too many environmental variables, so I'm just having fun. I remind myself of Van Gogh and the power of design.
Tomorrow I go to the farmer's market and visit the flower lady for some fresh sunflowers in case I need them to finish up. I will at least want some lively leaves to insert around the arrangement to fill it out.

Today in the mail I got 2 types of pre-stretched linens from different manufacturers to test getting some better supports. (My last painting was done on a $3.00 canvas, so it might disintegrate in 20 years.) I had better figure this out soon, as my cheap supports are getting in the way of the surface quality of the image.

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