Friday, August 14, 2009

almost done...

Spent the past few hours populating holes and empty spaces with leaves. I only had one fresh leaf, so I had to use the same one for 4 spots in the picture. I have really gained an appreciation for the old masters floral still lives I saw in the Louvre. Each piece must have been painted and replaced with a fresh element because after about an hour, a detached leaf is pretty limp.

These other elements have filled the frame up nicely, so I may not crop this after all.
The last thing I will do is to redo the white fabric at the top. I got lazy at the start and didn't bother ironing it, so there are bad creases in the fabric. I will make some nice droopy folds in the upper right to bring this puppy home. Also I'll need a pass on the pot to finish the handles and fix the symmetry.
Elaped time to this point: about 20 hours. Painting from photos is so much easier!

Below is my window-setup. A better way to paint this would be to have a bigger space for the ability to stand back and evaluate focal relationships...seeing it as a whole from a distance. Unfortunately I'm crammed in this tiny space within a dormer, and have to sit and paint static-ly. The result is a more rendered look, where each part is uniformly in focus. This likely explains why northern renaissance art was so tight while the southern (Italian) style was broader. The northern folks were huddled in their tiny flemish homes with modest windows, while the Italians had open doors, larger windows and stronger light.

Note the car-washing sponge wedged behind the canvas to tilt it forward, reducing glare.

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