Monday, April 6, 2009

This weekend's daily painting

Here is my latest daily painting from the past weekend. I wanted to paint a subject that has more "notes", or detail as I'm often prone to fiddling things and don't get around to fully adding the surface details in these one-day paintings. This one required me to be decisive and fast with putting down the detail, as the forms are somewhat abstract without their full information.

For some reason it reminds me of the "eye of Sauron", fiendishly whispering "eat me Frodo".


Julian said...

Mike, you are supremely talented. This all is quite good.

You gonna be playing hockey with the guys? I think they are setting up a 10pm Thursday night southside time.

Mike Sass said...

hmmm, I'm totally out of shape and would be even more pathetic than past years. If you allow non BW people and are in need of pathetic pylons, I might consider. Let me know, and I'll start doing some squats to tone my chicken legs up.

Dylan said...

Hey Mike I was lead to your blog by a fellow Edmonton on when I asked about the local art scene in Edmonton...

My names Dylan, I'm an art student at ACAD that is finishing up his first year there. I'm moving to Edmonton for the summer to re experience it -grew up there- and to just just go somewhere where I don't know anyone and work on what I love to do =)

The guy said you might be interested in giving me some painting lessons if I posed for you in return, honestly that's a very small price to pay, I would be delighted...

I'm very interested in developmental art and illustration and knowing that your a former Bio Ware employee, that in it's self is more then enough to want to meet you either way!

If your interested I began posting my drawings and such online a few weeks ago. You can check them out here,

My email is I would love to here back from you Mike! Really appreciate the time =)