Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This weekend's daily painting

Here is my latest daily painting from the weekend. In order to complete a painting in under 8 hours which has dark, opaque tones, I suggest splitting it into 2 sittings, with drying time between.
I sketched the objects out and painted in the basic tones on Friday night 8-11 pm, and then finished the painting on Saturday from 8-1 am. This allowed me to have a couple coats of paint in the big dark area so that the correct value could be obtained. It also allows a fresh look at the subject the second day and any compositional alterations to be made. In this case I added the 2 left cloves of garlic on Saturday to help balance the objects out. The lights of the fabric should be a bit more brown-ish, so I will try a yellow glaze over that area when I get around to it.

1 comment:

Michael Grills said...

Very nice.

Not as sexy as the Danish. But you can't do a 100 danish paintings. Can you?

Good placement of the objects. Are you attempting symbolism yet or just making us hungry?